Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Adjuster?
Public Adjusters work for YOU, the insured as your fiduciary! ONLY the Department of Insurance issues certified licenses to Public Adjusters.

Why should I hire a Public Adjuster to help me get what is rightfully mine?
Insurance claims are difficult and complex. Proof and documentation of damages is the responsibility of the policy holder, not the insurance company. We are experienced at noticing all the details so that nothing is overlooked in the process of appraising, estimating, and evaluating. A larger settlement will, almost always, be gained with the use of a licensed Public Adjuster.

Why not use my insurance company’s Adjuster?
As a Public Adjuster, we work for you and are paid by you from your settlement. The insurance company’s adjuster must answer to their employer.

Can I still file a claim after I’ve been paid and my file has been closed by my insurance company?
Certainly. We will be glad to provide a Claim Audit for free if you do not think your settlement was correct. There is no charge unless you receive more money.

What is the upfront cost?
There is no upfront cost or out of pocket expense. Our fee is based on a percentage of the settlement. This means we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

With your help, am I guaranteed a higher settlement?
It has been shown that most inventories and estimates created by policy holders or company adjusters can be inaccurate or incomplete. By using our room-by-room checklists and advanced estimating software, we can provide comprehensive and accurate estimates, maximizing your claim.

Can’t my agent make sure I get a fair settlement from the Insurance company?
Insurance agents are salespeople. Often, they do not have the responsibility or ability to handle insurance adjustments. Your agent can receive a bonus if your claim and those of others are kept small. Often the insurance company will ask that the agent not participate in the process.

Will hiring a Public Adjuster cause delays?
No. In most cases by using a Public Adjuster, claims often get settled quicker. We take aggressive actions to ensure that your claim is settled in a timely fashion.