Water Damage

We Help Clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common types of claims that occurs in your home. It’s also one of the most devastating types of destruction that a property owner can face. Water Damage can cause havoc to your home and possessions. You may also face serious health hazards from dark or grey water. Call Garden State Public Adjusters, Inc. to represent you throughout the water damage claims adjustment process.

No matter what type of destruction has occurred to your property, Garden State Public Adjusters, Inc. is there to ensure that you receive the maximum settlement.


Smoke and Fire Damage

It doesn’t take much to incur significant smoke or fire damage. That’s because of the inherently devastating nature of any blaze, large or small. In addition, these conflagrations can spread quickly throughout your property, causing extensive damage or destruction within mere minutes. Even a partial loss can turn your life upside down, and the last thing you need is your insurance company refusing to budge to give you the settlement to which you’re entitled. That’s why you need property damage professionals to fight for you, so turn to Garden State Public Adjusters, Inc. to assist with fire and smoke damage claims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania . Since 1985, we’ve assisted clients with receiving fair compensation for their losses, including conducting cause and origin inspection and thorough documentation of pertinent facts in each case.

Seeking Reparations for Smoke Damage as Well

Even if a smoke or fire doesn’t wreak much direct havoc, you still must contend with the effects of the smoke. Fire and smoke damage claims often happen together, and we’re experts at handling both kinds. Smoke and soot can perpetuate “hidden damage,” which is often not seen by insurance adjusters. That’s one of the areas in which we specialize, because our staff is trained to look for every possible instance of destruction in your home or business. No matter if it’s the physical effects, health hazards or even awful odors, we’re committed to ensuring the insurance company pays so you can start anew.

Ready to Help You in Pennsylvania

At Garden State Public Adjusters, Inc., we are local property damage experts that work for policyholders, not insurance companies. Trust us for everything from fire and smoke to flood damage claims. Call 856-983-7086 for a free inspection/consultation in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Damage from storms can come in many forms. A hurricane can literally wipe your entire property clean, destroying every building in its path. Lightning strikes also wreak havoc on electrical systems, punch holes through structures or even start major fires that can tear through your property, reducing everything to ash in just minutes. With the awesome destructive capabilities of Mother Nature, it’s no wonder that your losses can quickly add up. With the stress of rebuilding, you don’t need the headache of battling with your insurance company to obtain equitable compensation. Instead, trust Garden State Public Adjusters, Inc. for help with storm damage claims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania .

Storm & Flood Damage

Thunderstorms, Hurricanes, Lightning Strikes & Other Weather-Related Damages

Hurricanes aren’t the only weather events that could cause problems on your property. Even a simple windstorm might leave its effects on your roof or structures, especially with its strong, powerful wind. Additionally, excessive rain from thunderstorms could result in destruction, and a storm surge may precipitate plumbing issues in your home or business. Flooding, water main problems and broken pipes are just a few of the common aftereffects of severe weather. Thankfully, we’re property damage experts who also specialize in claims related to weather activity, no matter how large or small.